Shutout: Not the Way Manziel Wanted to Start

The beginning of the Johnny Manziel Era in Cleveland started off with so much hype until he snapped the ball, then it started to look like the beginning of a Greek tragedy.

Have no fear Manziel fans, being shut out yesterday by the Bengals was actually a good thing. Johnny Manziel needed to have a poor first outing for the Bengals, it was the only way this whole saga could have started.


Well, let’s be honest for a second shall we? Johnny Manziel has a bit of an ego, scratch that, his ego is couldn’t fit in this room with us. Since he won the Heisman trophy and was shot to an even bigger platform of stardom, he’s been a bit too cocky. His flashing of his money sign after he was drafted (22nd in the first row, let’s not forget) and hanging out with LeBron James and Drake come to mind. Which not to hate on James and Drake, but Manziel’s ego is big enough without having those two around to pump him up.

So Manziel needed a bit of a reality check. He needed to be reminded of the fact that he is a rookie in the National Football League. What he did in college means nothing now that he’s in the big leagues. He hasn’t matured enough on the field to have an ego, he needs to take a look at Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Manning and Brady are hands down fantastic quarterbacks, future Hall of Framers without a doubt, but they don’t have signs they flash after a touchdown and they’re not getting into altercations (allegedly) at 2:30 in the morning.

Getting shut out by the Bengals at home was exactly the reality check Manizel needed. He can now look at the game tape from yesterday’s disastrous game and know what not to do on the field. He now knows that he needs to buckle down and focus on football instead of hanging with his crew. Yes, he’s only twenty two, but he’s a starting quarterback in the NFL so it’s time to get out of the college mode and get into serious work mode.

Hopefully, Manziel and the Browns will use yesterday’s loss as a learning tool to craft Manziel into a quality quarterback. It’s uncertain if he could ever reach Manning or Brady quality, but he could still in his own right be a decent quarterback. Only time will tell just how Manziel will be as a quarterback, but hopefully he checks his ego at the door and steps up his game.

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