In Jay’s Defense,

Contrary to what the media, especially the Chicago media, has led Bears fans to believe, the Bears’ woes are not completely on Jay Cutler.

Yes, no one forced Cutler to throw so many interceptions. Yes, Cutler could have played a lot better thus making him worth the monstrous contract he recently signed. Yes, Cutler could use some work on his facial expressions as to not appear so completely bored on the field and show some passion.

But, there are more players on the Bears than just one Jay Cutler. It has been no secret that the Bears defense has been struggling to stop their opponents and guess what, Cutler has nothing to do with the offense. He can’t stop defensive players from getting hurt (case in point Lamarr Houston hurt himself celebrating a sack). The Bears’ defensive line has decimated with injuries all year, but nobody’s talking about that because none of them signed a contract worth 126 millions dollars over seven years.

It’s a given that the offensive line problems are all linked to Cutler because as the quarterback he’s the conductor of the line. He’s the one calling the plays and throwing the ball. But like Giselle said after the Patriots lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl, Cutler can’t throw and catch the ball. No, the job of catching the ball falls into the hands of receivers. Two weeks ago during the Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints, Cutler threw a ball right to Matt Forte and Forte dropped the ball. The pass could not have been better, Cutler aimed it right for the numbers of Forte’s jersey thus insuring that Forte would have no problem catching the ball. Yet, Forte dropped the ball as if it were covered in butter.

Yet, the Bears’ problems are all Jay Cutler. He’s the one deciding to trade away all the talented players so the Bears don’t have to pay them. Cutler’s the coach killer with Marc Trestman being his next victim. No one was really complaining about Cutler when the Bears acquired him from Denver. Lovie Smith lost his job because he couldn’t get the team back to the Super Bowl, not because he couldn’t control Cutler. Cutler has the talent to take the team deep into the playoffs, but he can’t do everything by himself on the field.

In order for the Bears to actually have a chance to go deep into the playoffs, they need to have a fully developed team. They need a stronger defensive line, a la when Brian Urlacher was running the D-line. They need a better offense that does not revolve around Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery because while they both have talent they’re not the best in the league.

So while the Cutler and company get ready to face the Minnesota Vikings to put their season to bed, let’s all take a collective deep breath and leave Jay Cutler alone for a bit. Who cares about the contract he signed? The Bears obviously thought he was worth it or they wouldn’t have offered it. So before you regurgitate what some sports reporter has decided about Jay Cutler, take a look at everything else the Bears are working with and maybe you’ll just see that Cutler is not the reason the Bears suck this season. He’s just one of the many problems the troubled teams has to deal with this offseason.

And know, that you will most likely being seeing Cutler back on the field next year no matter how much fans yell and scream to trade him away.

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I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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