Ten Times Sports Dominated the News Pt. 1

It’s that time of year again when we look at the ten best stories of the year. This year was filled with some pretty spectacular news stories like both of UConn’s basketball teams winning the championships, A-Rod getting suspended for 162 games, Derek Jeter announcing his retirement, the drama in Sochi, and the list goes on. So deciding which stories were the biggest stories of the year was hard.

But after some thoughtful consideration and debate, the list has been completed. Here are the first five sports stories of 2014:

10. San Francisco Giants Winning the World Series

Madison Bumgarner will always be remembered for his performance in game 7 of the World Series. Bumgarner pitched five scoreless innings, which gave his team the relief it needed to score enough runs to win the game. This performance came after Bumgarner had already had 177 pitches and a four-run shutout in game 5.

9. TJ Oshie’s Sochi Shootout

Despite team USA’s disappointing finish in Sochi, TJ Oshie can still look back at the game against Russia with a smile on his face. The game had gone to overtime and then a shootout during which Oshie scored four of the six chances he was given. During an interview after the victory, Oshie was quoted as saying he didn’t think he was a hero because heroes were those fighting for our country.

8. Derek Jeter’s Farewell Tour

Amid the whole A-Rod suspension fiasco before the 2014 season, the Yankees also had to deal with their Captain Derek Jeter announcing that 2014 would be his last season. His retirement meant that each time Jeter would play against the team for the last time teams would present the Captain with gifts that were only fitting of one of the classy guys in the league. Some of the gifts were extravagant like the Cowboy boots or the bench made of baseball bats and some were historic like the Cubs giving Jetes a number 2 plate from their historic scoreboard. Jeter would ultimately end his career at Yankee Stadium with a home run for his last at bat. Respect for the Captain, you had a great career.

7. World Cup Mania

Every four years the world becomes enraged with World Cup fever and this year was no different. First, Landon Donovan, arguably the most famous American soccer player was left off the roster for what would be his last World Cup roster. Then team USA was put into what was dubbed the “group of death” with some of the hardest teams and most thought they wouldn’t make it. But Team USA proved everyone wrong advancing through their group thanks to Captain Clint Dempsey and Goalie Tim Howard.

6. Donald Sterling and the LA Clippers

We all remember Donald Sterling’s comments on his black players and the subsequent legal battle and battle with the league that ensued. This of course had to happen while the Clippers were trying to make their way through the playoffs so of course the attention was shifted from the Clippers play to how they felt working for a man that didn’t like them based on their skin color. For months the battle went on, Commissioner Adam Silver suspended Sterling from having any part with the team, which forced Sterling to sell the team for two billion dollars.

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