Jameis Winston Announces He’s Entering 2015 Draft

The media outlets were all abuzz this morning with news that Jameis Winston, the Florida St Quarterback, would be entering the 2015 draft. Well that is according to his father, that his son would be entering the draft.

So tread carefully with this news, not because his father can’t be trusted, but that the news hasn’t been confirmed by Winston himself. Hopefully those that reported his news did their homework and made sure to verify with another source that he would be entering the draft.

This report contradicts what Winston said after losing to Oregon in the Rose Bowl when he was asked if he was entering the draft. Winston told reporter that he was “looking forward to next season and playing baseball.” Now Winston is allowed to change his mind before the January 15th deadline to declare for the draft and it is very likely that he realized now might be the time to go into the NFL.

UPDATE: Jameis Winston has released a statement saying that he will be entering the draft. So it can now be confirmed that Winston is in fact going into the 2015 draft. To read his full statement: http://espn.go.com/nfl/draft2015/story/_/id/12132255/statement-jameis-winston-entering-nfl-draft?ex_cid=sportscenterFB

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