Denver’s Cleaning House

The Denver Broncos announced yesterday that they and head coach John Fox were mutually parting ways and then it is reported that John Elway told the assistant coaches that they would remain under contract but could pursue other opportunities with teams. So simply put, the Broncos do not want them to return next year.

So what does this mean for Peyton Manning? Will he return to a team that will have a completely new coaching staff next year? Given Manning’s own comments after the game on if he is going to return next season, even Manning does not know what he’s going to do which is completely fair. Manning had just suffered a devastating loss to his former team and had not even had the time to process what went wrong, so he’s not even thinking about next season.

Manning also needs to heal his torn quad before he can decide if he’s staying or going because a quarterback cannot play injured. Everyone knows what happens when the quarterback plays hurt, Aaron Rodgers had a scare against the Lions the last regular season game with his injured calf. He also had to play a bit more cautiously against the Cowboys so he didn’t make the injury worse. Manning has been playing through injuries a few times this season and fans saw how it affected his play.

So hopefully Manning has had some time to digest the loss and figured out how to best rest and heal his quad so he can figure out the next chapter to his historic career. Whether he chooses to leave the Broncos or retire from football all together won’t be known for awhile most likely, it’s clear that the essential firing of all the whole coaching staff will play a large part in his decision.

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