Divisional Weekend Drama

Sports fans know that playoffs, of any sport, are intense and riddled with drama. For Football fans, Divisional Playoff Weekend did not disappoint. There was drama in every single game (minus the Seattle game because that happened just as everyone thought it would).

The Patriots in true Patriots style, did a play where Shane Vereen told the officials that he was going to be an ineligible player (which is allowed in the NFL). The officials than told the defense and Vereen was ineligible. Per the rule, Vereen is not allowed to be part of the next play but Vereen was still on the field. His being on the field the next play was overshadowed by John Harbaugh being so far out on the field, which he was penalized for.

Of course, Harbaugh was not happy and thought that the Patriots won by playing dirty, fueled the dramatic flames. Though he choose not to comment about the play after the game, his actions immediately following the play spoke loud enough. Tom Brady fired back during his post game press conference by saying, “Maybe those guys need to study the rule book and figure it out…We obviously knew what we were doing.” Well played Tom Brady, you won this round of drama.

Last week, fans saw as the Cowboys got away with a passing interference call thus allowing them to score the game winning touchdown. This week the Cowboys found themselves in the Lions’ shoes as Dez Bryant got the ball on a fourth down and one yard situation, he tried to stretch with his left hand so he could get as close to the end zone as possible. The catch was ruled an incomplete pass, thus giving the Packers the ball and enough time to drive down the field and win the game. Cowboys’ players and fans alike were outraged that, what looked like an obvious catch, was ruled an incomplete pass that ended up costing them the game. The winner of this game (minus the Packers) were the Detroit Lions who tweeted the Cowboys with a picture of the blown call from the week before, letting them know the Lions knew exactly what they were going through.

The last game of the weekend was a much anticipated showdown between Peyton Manning and his former team the Colts and Andrew Luck. The running storyline of the game was that Manning wasn’t playing typical Peyton quality football and many speculated that there was something wrong with the quarterback. It would later be revealed on Monday that Manning was suffering from a torn Quad that would have greatly affected his play. But still Andrew Luck and the Colts were able to pull out a hard fought win against the Broncos to advance to the Championship weekend. Peyton Manning continued to dominate the story lines with his post game remarks about not being sure if he’s going to return to the field next season.

Based on the drama and intensity shown during this weekend’s game, next weekend’s NFC and AFC Championship games should be no different. The Seahawks look to return to the Super Bowl as they host the Packers while the Colts hope to take down the Patriots for a long awaited trip back to the big show.

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