Daniel Carcillo Suspended Six Games

Daniel Carcillo has been suspended six games for cross checking Winnipeg Jets’ Mathieu Perreault Friday night. Carcillo’s history of infractions (11 suspensions in 9 seasons) played a large part in his lengthy supension and he will end up losing $40, 245.92 over the games.At first, Carcillo was supposed to have an in-person hearing with the league, but he would have remained suspended until a hearing could have been scheduled.

But what Carcillo’s suspension shows is the inconsistency in discipline of players in the NHL.

Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins was suspended two games for slew footing New York Rangers forward Derick Brassard. Slew-footing is when a player hits a player taking his feet out from under him and pulling him backwards at the same time. Marchand was fined for slew-footing in 2011-12, suspended two games for elbowing in 2011, and five games in chipping in 2012.

Mind you, Ryan Garbutt of the Dallas Stars was suspended three games for slew-footing in December. Garbutt, like Marchand and Carcillo, has a past of suspensions with the league including a two game suspension for kneeing a player, just two weeks before his slew-footing.

So why did Marchand only get two games for what is his second slew-footing offense? Why was Carcillo suspended six games for cross checking? Why hasn’t something been done with Garbutt since he can’t seem to stop committing so many dangerous penalties?

These recent events should show the league that the procedures they have in place for discipline hardly seem fair. If anything it’s starting to look like the league is playing favorites when it comes to dealing out suspensions. The Department of Player Safety openly admits in a video detailing how they go about disciplining players that they heavily take into account a player’s history of offenses and the timeline of his history, so that contradicts the discipline they gave Garbutt. Garbutt should have gotten more than three games for slew-footing given that he had a suspension less than a month before the incident.

While players need to make more of effort to not commit such dangerous penalties, the Department of Player Safety needs to be more fair with players as to not suggest that they’re playing favorites.

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