Deflate Gate Not Losing Air

Put the Pitch forks down. Before you vilify the Patriots organization, let’s all take a deep calming breath. There are a lot of glaringly obvious problems with this whole deflated ball scandal that actually help the Patriots case.

First off, the reason why this story even made the front page and sent Twitter abuzz is because it’s the Patriots that are being accused of deflating the balls. After Spygate, where the Patriots were caught filming the Jets’ Defensive Coaches signals and fined $250,000 and lost a first round draft pick and Belichick was fined $500,000, everyone automatically thinks they are cheating. So let’s put aside their reputation and focus on the facts.

Secondly, in the passing days stories have been coming out left and right that this is not something new for the Patriots to do. The Ravens claimed that they noticed something was up with the balls during their Divisional game the week before and that’s why they didn’t play well. There is even a report that someone from the Ravens alerted the Colts to watch the balls. There have been stories about a former Tampa Bay Buccaneer quarterback admitting that he paid $7500 to have balls deflated before the Super Bowl, Aaron Rodgers is reported to say that the refs are the ones deflating the balls, and Colts Tight End Dwayne Allen sent Fox a tweet saying that the Patriots would have won regardless of deflated balls.

Third, the NFL Department of Officiating should be in some hot water too. It’s reported that they checked the balls two and a half hours before the game. This is a problem because a lot can change in two and a half hours, so shouldn’t the officials check the footballs to be used closer to game time? Why aren’t they keeping an eye on the balls?

Fourth, and finally, what were the Colts balls like? Were the footballs on the Colts side on the field inflated to the same PSI? Not knowing if the Colts had the same type of football on their side on the field means that the media and such cannot definitively say that the Patriots cheated.

Who knows when the League will address is because they are still in the middle of investigating if the Patriots actually cheated or not. But Deflate Gate is not going anywhere and look for it to be the main topic of conversation next week as the nation gears up for Super Bowl XLIX.

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