National Fax Machine Appreciation Day

National Signing Day, the day in which colleges formally sign their 2015 freshman class is the day of the fax machine. It’s the tradition to have letters sent to colleges via fax machines and ESPN devotes a full day to covering the different antics players use to announce where they will be headed in the fall.

Some of the highlights include: Chris Warren, a four star rated running back used a quarter to pick Texas. Brigham Young University signed Motekiai Langi, a 410- pound Tongan athlete with no national ratings. And most notably Cordell Broadus, son of famous rapper Snoop Dogg (a USC fan), chose to sign with UCLA.

Auburn yet again came out on top in terms of signing the most top rated recruits. USC fell one point shy of Auburn, which coming off their sanctions resulted from the Reggie Bush’s scandal, were back in USC form recruiting. Florida State, Tennessee, and LSU rounded out the top five. It should be said that just because a university had a great signing day doesn’t mean that the university is destined to have a great football season.

The best part of national signing day is the love that fax machines get. All of the big universities have cameras devoted to their fax machines, or faxcam as they are affectionately called.

It seems odd that in a world of ever evolving technology with smart phones and email, that such a huge day would revolve around a fax machine. While it’s not required that an athlete use a fax machine to submit their letter of intent, it’s still part of the drama with national recruitment day.

The spectacle are the only way to end the recruitment season. So if that means more wild antics with faxcams and press conferences then so be it. As we close the book on the 2014 season, recruits and universities alike are ready to put the cover back on the fax machines and get ready for the 2015 season.

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