Combine Hubbub

Every year a select group of college football players are invited to Indianapolis to the NFL Combine, but why is the combine important? What is the point behind having the players run routes, repetitively throw a ball, or run forty yards? Why is it held in Indianapolis in the middle of winter?

It’s held in Indianapolis because there are numerous doctors and hospitals within minutes of where they are. This means that if a doctor wants to have another MRI done they can send the player to the hospital to get it done and have them back in time for any meetings they might have.

One important reason for having the combine is that they meet with medical professionals, who can give teams a detailed medical history. It’s important that teams know everything that has happened to a player in making a decision to draft him because they work in an industry were injuries happen and it’s important to know exactly what kind of condition the player is in when drafted.

To answer why there is even a combine to begin with you have to think of it as the standardized test for professional athletes. Everyone has either taken the Standardized Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Testing (ACT), which score then determines what college(s) you are accepted to. That’s why the combine is done inside so that the conditions are the same for every player. It wouldn’t be fair to have a group of high school juniors and seniors take the test outside in twenty degree weather while some students get to take it inside.

Besides what they are doing on the field, the players are also having meetings with each NFL team. This interviews are like any other job interview, the teams want to get an idea about what kind of person the player is off the field. They want to know how each player thinks and reacts to different situations.

The only downside to the combine is that the players have to be invited, which means that not every player going into the draft will be invited to the combine. If the league is going to use the combine has a standardized test in which every player is compared, they have to invite every player going into the draft so that each player has a chance to meet with the teams.

The Combine’s activities can be viewed on the NFL network and streamed here

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