Who Will Rebound From Losing Their Star?

Tuesday night was not a fun night to be a Chicago sports fan, first Patrick Kane left the game against Florida with what would be revealed as a fractured clavicle and then the news broke that Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls would have knee surgery. Kane’s recovery time is expected to be twelve weeks, while Rose’s return is unknown due to surgery and such.

On the upside, Kane had successful surgery yesterday and will be back in twelve weeks. His return would be right in the middle of playoffs and he would fresh legs, which would be much needed for the fatigue that sets in during the playoffs. The Blackhawks have also placed on the Injury Reserve, thus saving themselves his salary which they can use to land a free agent before Monday’s trade deadline. The Blackhawks also have a depth of talent on the AHL team, the Rockford Icehogs. Teuvo Teravainen has been called up in the meantime as the Blackhawks weigh their options. So Blackhawks fans can take a deep breath and relax a bit, the Blackhawks will be just fine. If anything losing their top scorer should ignite a fire under the rest of the team to step up their game.

It should be noted as well that the Blackhawks won the game Tuesday night.

As for the Bulls, they are not handling losing Rose as well, they lost to the Charlotte Hornets, who are fourth in the Southeast division with a 23-32 record. Rose is not the only dynamic player on that team, yet the Bulls are playing as if Rose is the only one who can score. Sure, it’s a bitter pill to swallow losing your star player yet again, but the Bulls are not lacking in talent. They acquired Pau Gasol over the off-season and Jimmy Butler has reached a whole new level of talent. Joakim Noah, although plagued by injuries himself has been playing at his typical, Defensive Player of the Year, when he’s healthy.

So how will the Bulls handle Rose? Like Kane, the rest of the Bulls should take this news and ignite themselves into continuing to win. They need to shut up those talking media heads, who say that without Rose the Bulls will struggle to make the playoffs because Rose is the only good player. The Bulls are not strangers to playing without Rose, who has been plagued with this knee injury for some time. So really, they have no excuse it’s time to turn it on and get back to winning games.

Only time will tell how the Blackhawks and Bulls will ultimately handle losing Kane and Rose, but right now the cards are stacked better in the Blackhawks favor to come out relatively unscathed.

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