Tiger’s Master’s Takeaways

This is not a drill, Tiger Woods is back. This past weekend at the Master’s Tournament in Augusta, Georgia most thought that Tiger would only make the cut if even that. Not only did Tiger make the cut on Friday, but he found himself around five under par.

Saturday was probably his best round of the weekend. He was tied for fifth at 6 under par with Rory McIlroy, and Kevin Streelman which was probably more than anything fan of Tiger’s could have asked for. You could see that Tiger was getting his swagger back, showing that he was actually Tiger of old. It was refreshing to see such a great golfer getting his groove back. Of course, Jordan Spieth was holding an impressive lead that would prove to be the winning score. But still going into Sunday, Tiger was back and would at least be in the top five to finish the tournament.

While Tiger finished the fourth round of the Master’s at 5 under par, the round was not his best. Paired with McIlroy was a dream for Nike, having two of their best golfers playing together fans were anxious to see if Tiger could turn it on and make his way up the leader board. Everything was going along swimmingly until Tiger hit the ball off the fairway and somehow injured himself when he tried to get his ball out of the rough.

Suddenly fans were watching a scene that they have become all too familiar with these past few years. It was evident that Tiger was playing injured, his pinched face when he swung the club and the genuine discomfort through the remaining holes many thought he’d fall even further down the leader board.

But he finished 5 under, which should make those in his camp feel optimistic. He was only 10 strokes back, which is not that bad given that he’s hasn’t really played in a major tournament in awhile. His presence at the Master’s had ratings for Sunday up 50% than last year.

Tiger Woods proved yesterday with how high the ratings for the Master’s were that he is still America’s Golfer.

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