The Mock Draft Problem

Leading up to the draft football fans are inundated with Mock Drafts. Mock Drafts, as their name suggests are literally just what the analysts think will happen. The problem with mock drafts is that most often they’re wrong, yet fans will tune in every year and read all the articles and listen to the mock drafts. Mock drafts are also always changing, the earlier they come out the better the chances are that they will be changed.

The other problem with mock drafts is that they all usually say the same thing, Team 1 will take this person, Team 2 will take this person and they’re usually based on which player had the best combine/pro day showing and what the analysts claim those teams needs. So by the time the draft rolls around, most fans think they already know which player their team will take, which sometimes it happens but of the time there are some surprises in picks.

Instead of saying which player teams will take in the draft based  on whatever factors they come up with to make these decisions, why not have a mock draft of which players teams really need to take. Hypothetically speaking let’s say the Tennessee Titans think they need a quarterback and decide that they are going to take Marcus Mariota to fill the void of Jake Locker retiring. The Titans have Zach Mettenberger, who has a high rating for 2014 season, so why wouldn’t they devote their draft choices to building a team to support him? Let’s say they need defense, which let’s be honest very few teams do not need a solid defensive core. So they should focus on drafting a top defensive player.

Think of how popular these mock drafts would be if instead of focusing on drafting the most popular players in the league, teams actually focused on what they truly needed. Most quarterbacks are not NFL ready when they’re drafted, Aaron Rodgers is a prime example of what happens when QBs are allowed to sit and learn from seasoned QBs.

Analysts would get more hits if they actually looked at what teams needed and chose the best players to fill those rolls. Sure, teams would be harder to get on board with this since they want to put together a team that they think will win them games, but if they were actually honest and drafted players that could fit what they really need more teams would have higher success rates.

As we gear up for the 2015 Round 1 Draft tonight, let’s all hope that maybe, maybe, teams will not just go with the crowd and take players that might not really fit their systems just so that they can have the ‘hottest players’ in the draft class.

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