Deflate Gate Not Losing Any Air

The Deflate Gate report is 243 pages long and it reads like a case study used for college classes. Yet these 243 pages have everyone up in a tizzy, but how many people commenting about it on social media have actually read the report?

Just reading the summary doesn’t count either, it’s important to understand the report you have to read all 243 pages. If you aren’t up to the daunting task or just don’t plain want to take the time to read it, rest assured that I have actually read the entire report.

There’s is a lot of information to be unpacked and dissected when it comes to the months long investigation into Deflate Gate. To say that those responsible for the report had an ax to grind against the Patriots and set out to crucify Tom Brady and the Patriots organization is absurd. The authors of this report and all those involve have serious responsibilities to find the truth, they are not going to lie and fabricate evidence. If they do they open themselves up to huge lawsuits and no one wants to deal with that nonsense.

That aside, let’s dive into the report.

The main takeaway for a casual Tom Brady apologist is that the phrase “more probable than not” does not actually clear him of any wrong doing. That phrase means that they had enough evidence to show that he had knowledge of the acts and that his denial was not the full truth. What exactly Tom asked for we’ll never know since he did not turn over his phone or even have his agent pull only information relevant to the investigation. His refusal to aid the investigation can be a sign of guilt, if he had nothing to hide he should have done everything he could to clear his name.

Probably the most damning evidence is most likely the electronic exchanges between Jim McNally (the Officials Locker Room attendant for the
Patriots) and John Jastremski (an equipment assistant for the Patriots). The report highlights different exchanges between the two has they discuss how the balls are allegedly to be doctored per Tom Brady’s liking. That being said, no one is going to chance the football’s unless Tom says so. Did he know that he was throwing footballs under inflated? Who knows. Tom also has the fact that he signed jerseys and footballs for McNally and most likely gave him shoes to keep him happy.

One important question is why has McNally not come out and blamed Tom Brady? If Tom Brady had explicitly told McNally to deflate the balls, then he should come out and give his side of the story. He’s already been indefinitely suspended from the team so what else could he possibly have to lose? His silence should make some believe that maybe Tom Brady wasn’t exactly aware of the lengths they were going to. McNally himself joked in the exchanges that he hadn’t gone to ESPN yet, it’s not anyone wouldn’t pay him for his side of the story. There are a lot of news outlets out there that would pay a pretty penny to hear from the guy deflating the balls. He could probably even a book deal out of it, so his silence is going to work in Tom’s favor.

Tom Brady was subsequently suspended 4 games, while the Patriots were fined one million dollars, a 2016 draft first round pick, and a 2017 draft fourth round pick. As of today Tom Brady has officially submitted his appeal of his suspension. Part of why he was suspended 4 games was because he failed to cooperate with the investigation. Should his appeal be granted he would most likely get his suspension reduced to zero games, which would bring us all back to square one.

Deflate Gate is far from losing air and will still be a story until Tom Brady takes the field for his first game of the 2015 season whenever that might be.

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