Kids and Post Game Pressers, What’s the Big Deal?

Stephen Curry critics are at it again, but this time he’s not being crucified for his actions on the court. Instead critics are calling him out for bringing his adorable daughter Riley to the post game press conference with him. Some are saying that he should’ve left his daughter with her mother instead of bringing her with him because it’s a distraction.

While Curry has a responsibility to talk to the media after Game 1 of the Finals, if bringing his daughter was a problem one of Golden State’s PR people would have kindly told him not to do it. They are in charge of making sure that his message gets across, so they let her join her dad after the game and to be honest she was hardly a distraction. If anything, Riley Curry was a breath of fresh air in the post game press conference. She blatantly told her dad to be quiet and broke up the monotony.

Sure,the media has a deadline that they’re working on and they need Curry’s reaction and thoughts to what happened during the game. But to say that there is no place for Curry to bring his daughter is going a tad bit too far. The media is all abuzz this morning with how cute Riley was and how she stole the show. Curry did make comments when asked, so it’s not a complete wash.

Curry isn’t the first NBA star to bring his child to the post game presser with him and he won’t be the last. The athletes are going to decide if they want to bring their kids with them or not and the media has no say. If there’s a problem, the PR people for each team will step in and figure out a solution but until then? Get used to it.

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