There’s a Storm Brewing in Glendale

Things are getting ugly in Glendale Arizona between the city and the Arizona Coyotes. Glendale threw the first punch by voting to voiding the arena management lease they had with the Coyotes. Supposedly Glendale was allowed to nullify the lease because the lawyer for the city, who had a hand in the deal back in 2013, left his position with the city and went to work for the Coyotes.

One Coyote season ticket holder even ripped into the mayor of Glendale in this video. And like NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said, the people of Glendale should be more concerned with their government instead of the Coyotes.

It’s almost a guarantee that the Coyotes and the NHL will do anything to keep their lease. When the story first broke, the NHL said that they would be filing a $200 million dollar lawsuit against the city and this morning news broke that a judge has granted the Coyotes a restraining order against the city so they can’t terminate the lease.

The Coyotes aren’t just stopping at getting a restaining order, the team president has said that he plans to get a request for injunctive relief and to file a claim for damages up to $200 million. If they win the injunction, they would be able to stay in Glendale.

What does this mean for the Coyotes? Should they fight to stay in Glendale or find somewhere else? Would you want to stay in a city where it’s obvious that the government doesn’t want you?

The Coyotes would have a ton of options if they wanted to leave Glendale; they could head up to Seattle and start fresh there, they could work out a deal with the Suns and head back to Phoenix, or they could head to Las Vegas.

No matter how this plays out the only people that will be affected by this whole mess will be the loyal season ticket holders. So hopefully this whole mess works out with minimal damage to the team’s fans.

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