NHL Announces Bye Weeks for 2016 Season

The NHL announced that they would be instituting bye weeks for all 30 teams from January 1 and February 28th during the 2016 season. The bye weeks were the league’s concession to the NHL Player’s Association accepting the new All-Star game formats. This break would also come in handy for those players playing in the World Cup of Hockey, but could it actually hurt teams?

Teams would not be able to practice for five days, unless there is a game on the sixth day which would allow teams to practice after 4 p.m. on the fifth day of the break.

But would it be fair for a team who has been at least 3-4 games during the week to play a team that has been able to rest for five days? Or would the team who had been playing all week have the advantage?

A lot of hockey players say they enjoy the All-Star break they get because it gives them time to recharge their batteries and heal, so a bye week could also give that opportunity to everyone in the league.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out since the break would fall literally in the middle of the season, hopefully this break actually helps a lot of teams and evens out the playing field.

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