Dexter Fowler Stuns Fans & Media Alike, Returns to Cubs

Ask any Cubs fan if they thought the team would resign center fielder, Dexter Fowler, and they’d call you crazy. Fowler planned on signing a three year deal with the Baltimore Orioles, pending a physical.

Yet in a shocking move today, Fowler walked onto the field were the Cubs were playing in street clothes to tell his team that he was coming back. Fowler signed a one year deal worth for $8 million. He has a $9 million mutual option for 2017, with the option of a $5 million buyout by the Cubs, according to ESPN.

Fowler’s shocking move brings up an interesting debate in sports. Do fans want their players to take a play cut to stay on the team? Fowler is worth the money Baltimore was going to give him, given his field work last season, yet he chose to take a pay cut and stay with the team.

If anything Fowler proves not only to the Cubs’ organization, but the fans as well that he wants to stay and finish the work they started last year. He’s committed to the Cubs and his teammates, which is ultimately what every fan wants to see from their team’s players.

So the ultimate measure of whether this was the right move won’t come until September and whether the Cubs make a deep playoff run or not.



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