Steph Curry Worthy of the Hype?

Steph Curry is an impressive player, there’s no doubt about that. But is he a player worthy of all the hype surrounding him?

Taking out the way that the Golden State Warriors won the championship last year and their current record. Let’s focus solely on Steph Curry.

Curry has sunk 533 three-pointers, which is the most in the league. He has a lead of more than a 100 3’s over Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks. Curry ranks 3rd in the entire league with 45.3 percent in three-point field goals.

Curry also an impressive three point streak: 55 games with at least five 3’s, 33 with six, 21 with seven, 12 with eight, 4 with nine, and two games with at least 10.

And most recently, Curry hit 128 games straight of hitting a three-pointer, which is the longest streak of any NBA player.

Without even delving into his other statistics, the stats above show that Curry has magical hands on the basketball court.

So yeah Steph Curry is most definitely worthy of the hype and here’s hoping that the Warriors have another impressive playoff run. (And more Riley Curry adorable moments).






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