Countdown to the NFL Draft

It’s been a crazy trade filled week within the Top 10 picks of the 2016 NFL Draft. First Tennessee traded their number one pick to the LA Rams, but waited to drop the news so that Kobe could have the spotlight for his last game. Then the Browns trade their pick at number two to the Eagles.

All that happened in the last week, so what could possibly happen in the next five days before LA is on the clock and the first pick of the Draft is made? What do these trades mean to the draft order?

First things first, if the rumors are true that the Rams and Titans waited to announce their pick until the morning after Kobe’s last game they deserve a round of applause. Although, given Kobe’s 60 point night it’s unclear whether the news would’ve taken away the spotlight from Mamba’s last game. Especially since his last game, including his post game speech “Mamba out” managed to overshadow the Golden State Warriors winning their 73rd game thus dethroning coach Steve Kerr, and his fellow Chicago Bulls teammates (ahem Michael Jordan).

Since trading away their number one pick there have been rumblings that the Titans might try to trade up, like the Dolphins and Browns are rumored to be doing as well. If any of those teams were to make another trade it would for sure make the first ten picks quite interesting since it might just throw off every single mock draft that has come out in the past few months and might actually make the draft enjoyable and unpredictable.

The next question is now that the Rams and Eagles have the first two picks, who will go first in the draft? Will the Rams pick Carson Wentz? Or will they go with Jared Goff? With these two picks it seems a lot like last year’s draft with Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota and the jury’s still out with which team won last year’s draft with these two. Or will there be another Johnny Manziel moment where one of them falls to a lower pick, which might not be a bad thing considering the teams that make up the bottom half of the draft.

Then there’s also the earth shattering moves like the Carolina Panthers recinding Josh Norman’s franchise tag because they couldn’t afford him long-term so he found a new home with the Washington Redskins. And the Browns signing Robert Griffin III to then have their cp of football operations say that RGIII isn’t guaranteed the starting QB job.

As we countdown the final 5 days to the draft, who knows what’s going to happen with the top half of the first round. But here’s hoping that the next five days are as exciting and jaw dropping as the last two weeks.

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