I Still Don’t Hate Christian Laettner

Welcome to a new weekly series, where I will discuss one of ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries.

First up is I hate Christian Laettner.

From the title alone, I Hate Christian Laettner, everyone should be able to guess what this  ESPN 30 for 30 documentary is about; obviously a lot of people hate this Christian Laettner guy.

Admittedly I was somewhat clueless about who in fact Christian Laettner was, I mean I have heard his interview on the Dan Patrick Show but yet I still couldn’t figure out why what seems like millions of people would hate one person.That is until I watched the movie, now I understand why so many people are drinking the hateraid (and buying the shirts).

Plus Rob Lowe is the narrator, how could I possibly not watch a movie narrated by Rob Lowe?

The first reason that people hated Christian Laettner because they thought he came from a privileged background, yet he worked to help pay the tuition at the Nichols School. So while he came from a modest background, he happened to play for a prep school so he became a preppy. It also doesn’t help that he would then go on to Duke, which has a reputation for being a preppy school. Plus Jalen Rose saying that Laettner came from privilege made me laugh because like dude check your facts.

He had almost an innate basketball sense when he was younger that made him stand out on the court. Just watch any of his highlights from Duke, the guy has some mad skills. He and Duke would go on to ruin UNLV’s perfect season. He was the face of Duke because he was good. So he’s privileged and talented? That is not fair.

Laettner was also good looking and we’re talking like Tom Brady good looking here people. Yeah I know, not fair. So it’s not fair that not only is he privileged, he was also graced with good looks so life is giving Laettner the upper hand.

Yes, Laettner was arrogant, but he had talent to back it up. Like Dick Vitale says he is one of the greatest college players of all time. He won 2 National Championships back-to-back and had four final fours in a row. How many college basketball players have done that in the history?

Oh and how could I forget the stomp? Where Laettner stomps on Aminu Timberlake because Laettner had thought that Timberlake had pushed him into his defensive net earlier in the game. So yeah I can see why people would have an issue with that move, but Laettner has since apologized to Timberlake so it’s water under the bridge right?

So basically people just love to hate Christian Laettner, but after watching the documentary I still don’t hate Christian Laettner. If anything, I wish there was another kind of Laettner in college basketball today.



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