The Reggie Miller Love Affair

If you couldn’t tell by the title this week’s 30 for 30 is all about Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the Knicks. In case you haven’t seen this one yet, the doc focuses on the Pacers/Knicks rivalry or mainly Reggie Miller’s rivalry with the Knicks.

If you have no idea who Reggie Miller is, he played with the Indiana Pacers back in the 90s when basketball was a full contact sport. He also has a famous sister Cheryl, probably the best basketball player ever to come out of Riverside Cali. Also he’s a regular guest on the Dan Patrick Show, where he discusses basketball and pretty much anything on his mind. Also any time he talks about Michael Jordan is worth the listen, which you can find with a simple YouTube search.

Reggie first made waves when the Pacers drafted him over local hero Steve Alford, which the locals reactions to Miller’s drafting are hilarious to watch, not the most hilarious part of the documentary but top five for sure.

One of the best parts of the documentary was Reggie’s battle with Spike Lee, who was always court side yapping at Reggie. Spike probably set out to help his beloved Knicks play well in the series, but in reality all he managed to do was incite Reggie to play his heart out. His looks at Spike after hitting shots are hilarious to see because he manages to make eye contact with Spike while he’s running backwards.

There’s also the undertone of racism when Spike heads to Indiana and fans are holding up their pennants to make them look like pointed hats, much like KKK members wear. The owners son actually allowed fans to act like ignorant bigots all over a game of basketball. There’s a difference between wanting to stick it to the Knicks but to act like that is inexcusable.

But we digress back to the better moments of the documentary.

The best part of the documentary is definitely the final moment that Reggie Miller and the Pacers finally defeat the Knicks and punch their ticket to the Eastern Conference Finals. Sure, the Pacers would go on to lose to the Magic, but that’s besides the point.

The point is that finally winning time for Reggie Miller against the Knicks.


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