Shocking NBA Finals Preview

With the Golden State Warriors stamping their ticket to the NBA Finals, it’s time for everyone and their mother’s uncle to write a preview of who they project will win based on certain factors on the court.

If you are looking for that kind of preview, you should click back right now.

This preview isn’t based on anything related to the basketball court and what kind of offense the Cavs have or who is going to guard Steph or Klay Thompson. This preview is based purely on which team winning would be the better story.

Some would argue that the Cavs are the underdog leading up to the 2015 NBA Finals rematch since Steph and his Warriors are on a record breaking season. Some would argue that the Cavs are the favorites because LeBron has his whole team this year, since the team was ravaged by injuries last season.

Putting all that aside, the Cavs are my pick to win because of the history of sports in Ohio. It would prove the Believeland documentary wrong if LeBron would be able to propel a team to a championship win.And yes, LeBron has already won three championship with the Heat, but if he were able to come back to Cleveland and win that would solidify his legacy as one of the best.

Plus Golden State won it last year so that’s predictable if they win again and yet again Steph winning MVP makes sense. Everyone is aware that Steph is a dynamic basketball player and Klay is the best sidekick/superstar in the league, so them winning is expected.

I’m calling it that the Cavs win in 5 and when/if it happens I can’t wait to see how happy everyone in Ohio is that they were finally able to bring home the championship.


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I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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