OJ Pts 4&5: Did OJ Get Away With Murder?

This week’s 30 for 30 will focus on the last two parts of the OJ: Made in America Documentary. It’s taken some time to wrap my mind around everything presented in the four hours of film, but I think I’ve got a handle on it.

The question that swirled through my mind throughout the whole Part 4, is did OJ in fact get away with double murder? Or was he really just a victim of social injustice and the system finally got it right by acquitting him?

It is my firm opinion that OJ could’ve done it, the evidence was there to say that OJ had in fact gone to Nicole Brown’s home to hurt her. But we’ll never know, because ya know we weren’t there.

Honestly the number 1 reason why I think that it’s possible OJ did it is because of the previous domestic abuse that was discussed in Part 3. There is also Nicole’s sister’s reaction along the lines of “I knew OJ would do something like this” when she heard the news that Nicole had been murdered.

It was heavily documented in Part 3 that OJ felt possessive over Nicole and was known to get into spirited “fights” with Nicole from time to time. Nicole also made sure to document all the times that OJ hit her and put them in a safety deposit box. Plus it’s not entirely uncommon for domestic violence to escalate to murder, so maybe that is what happened that fateful night in June.

Now I do think that the District Attorney screwed up with picking the prosecution team. Putting Chris Darden in front of the jury was a mistake because they could see through the thought process as to why a Black Attorney was joining the the prosecution. They also screwed up by having OJ put on the infamous “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit” glove, they should’ve known that it wouldn’t fit.

The Defense team was also highly infuriating throughout the trail because of the antics they were playing to win. Yes, I’m aware that their job is to do anything and everything to win the case. But putting OJ, Mr. I’m not Black I’m OJ, on this pedestal of being a poor Black Man fighting the system was ridiculous because he wasn’t like any other guy from Watts or South Central LA. He lived in Brentwood, a very posh neighborhood, and could afford to have the best attorney that not every black guy in LA could.

If OJ had stayed out of trouble after being acquitted, I might actually believe that he was framed. But of course after the acquittal OJ went on a downward spiral and eventually led to him pulling off an armed robbery in a hotel with security cameras and landing in jail. He was sentenced to 33 years in jail, that most believe was Las Vegas’ way of righting the wrong that was his original acquittal.

So it’s possible OJ did it but because of the way the original trial went, he was able to get off and the Brown and Goldman family will probably never have closure and that’s the saddest part of this whole five-part documentary.

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