Believeland & the Curse of Cleveland

Coming off of the Cleveland Cavaliers winning their first NBA Championship , it seems only fitting that this week’s 30 for 30 post focus on the Believeland documentary (the original, not the newly edited version).

What I liked most about the doc was that it focused on the city of Cleveland and their woes when it comes to professional sports instead of LeBron James and any of the other athletes that have played in Cleveland.

I think that most heartbreaking part of the documentary was the  drama with the now Baltimore Ravens. Art Modell probably had the team’s best interests at heart when he decided to move the team to Baltimore, but he should’ve thought about the fans and how they would react to the move. Sure, they were able to get an expansion team thus keeping football in Cleveland, but their original team went on to win two Super Bowls thus giving rise to the thought that maybe Cleveland is a cursed sports city.

Watching the way that the whole Browns/Ravens story line play out is why I rooted for the Cavs to win the NBA finals this year. It didn’t matter that LeBron needed the win to solidify his legacy in the sport, all that mattered was that Cleveland was able to finally have a championship team. Sports have a way of bringing pride to a city (look at the Bulls in the 90s or the Lakers in the early 2000s).

Plus I also really liked how the Cavs had very few minutes in the documentary, not because of my dislike of LeBron (sorry Michael Jordan is the Greatest bball player in my eyes) but because the Cavs didn’t hurt the city and fans as much as the Browns did. There isn’t nearly as much drama surrounding the Cavs as there is for Browns fans. But kudos to ESPN for changing the end of the documentary after the Cavs won, that was awesome.

I also think that the maybe, just maybe, this documentary helped the Cavs come back and beat the Warriors in an historic final game. This documentary might just have light some obscure fire in the team to do whatever they could to bring pride back into the city. It should also be noted that the Indians went on an impressive win streak following the Cavs winning, which means that maybe the curse has been lifted?

So congrats to the Cavs on winning, but most importantly congrats to those Cleveland fans who kept believing that the Championship wins would come you guys deserve to bask in this feeling for a long time to come. Now here’s looking at the Browns and Indians to bring some more championships to the city.



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