Ryan Lochte “Rio Robbing” is a Real Life Lifetime Movie

So by now everyone is well aware of the Ryan Lochte Rio robbing scandal, right? You couldn’t script the twist and turns in this whole thing. Just a quick recap so we are all on the same page:

  • First Ryan’s mom tells a reporter and Ryan and three other swimmers were robbed at gun point after a night at the France house.
  • The IOC immediately claims that Ryan told them the story wasn’t true.
  • Ryan then gives an interview with Billy Bush on the beach in Rio describing the robbery.
  • The USOC then releases a statement that says that Ryan & Co were robbed after their cab was pulled over by fake cops.
  • A Brazilian judge orders that all four swimmers passports be seized thus not allowing them to leave the country (Ryan’s already back in the USA at this point).
  • A video emerges showing Ryan and company at a gas station where a door is broken and security guards pull guns on the US swimmers.
  • Two of the swimmers with Ryan that night, Jack Conger and Gunnar Bent, are pulled off their plane to have a chat with police before being released and both arrived home early this morning.
  • Ryan Lochte releases a statement on his Instagram regarding the incident.

Alright now that we are all caught up let’s dive into this hilarious mess.

First, Ryan Lochte is a fantastic actor. Having watched his interview with Billy Bush numerous times I found myself believing him because he sold it that well. And to be honest, we’ve all lied about our actions from the night before. It’s not surprising that Ryan would want to cover up what happened, but to concoct a robbing story to cover up breaking a gas station bathroom is extreme.

Second, why does a gas station in Rio have security guards? There’s gas stations in some sketchy parts in the United States that don’t have guards. Now if these guys were cops it still doesn’t explain why they would demand money from the swimmers.

Third, I’m not mad at Ryan Lochte. I may be clouded by my appreciation of him, but still I’ve tried to get mad at him but I just can’t. I think that Ryan made a mistake and I disagree that this whole mess has ruined his reputation. Michael Phelps was able to overcome getting two DUIs & a picture with a bong, granted Ryan isn’t the caliber of MP but still he has a chance to rebuild his image.

Fourth and finally, let’s all move on. With Ryan releasing a statement it’s time to close the book on this whole mess and find something new to talk about unless people forgot that the Olympics are still going on. I mean Usian Bolt was had a fantastic outing at the games and the United States has won 100 medals for the game.

This whole mess really has been a real life Lifetime movie and it’s about time for the end credits to roll.



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