Is the Boz the Original Johnny Manziel?

When I started this series there wasn’t a reasoning behind which 30 for 30s I watched, but as I got further into it I have tried to tie each week’s doc to what was going on in sports (Like the Olympics). So this week I found myself yet again struggling to find a documentary to watch because I could have gone any which way. I could’ve found a baseball one, one centered on college football, or the NFL. So after much deliberation and searching I settled on one that covered both college football and the NFL.

This week’s documentary is called Brian and the Boz. The ESPN summary says that Former Oklahoma linebacker Brian Bosworth looks back on the mistakes he made as his alter ego “The Boz,” and passes on the lessons he learned.

Before we dive into what I think are the key takeaways of the doc, you’re probably wondering what does Johnny Manziel have to do with this? I promise the title is not clickbait in any way and I’ll explain what I think is the correlation between The Boz and Johnny “Money” Manziel.

It’s described in the doc that Brian’s father was a perfectionist, to put it mildly. He pushed Brian too far to where he would almost play scared. It’s understandable after watching the film how the whole “Boz” persona came to be. Brian wanted to rebel and prove to his father that he was a great football player.

His father’s strive for Brian to be the best football player is what ultimately led Brian to Oklahoma for college, it was a FAR away from his hometown. And while one of his college teammates said that Brian’s transformation into “The Boz” was due in part to their head coach Barry Switzer. It is my firm believe that “The Boz” was his true personality all along it was just suppressed by his upbringing.Just look at the wild hair styles he had seen here and tell me that this wasn’t a suppressed personality.

Sure, it may be some weird way of emulating his head coach, who became his pseudo father.

Of course The Boz left Oklahoma after only three years and had a short career in the NFL that leads me back to the title of this post.

Halfway through the doc, about the time that the Boz emerged I was suddenly struck with this weird feeling that this story sounded familiar. It hit me when the haircut showed up that the Boz sounded an awful lot like Johnny Manziel. It felt as if I was watching the 80s version of Money Manziel.

I say that these stories sound familiar because both had larger than life personalities and insane football talents in college to only then flame out in the professional leagues. Although, it should be noted that The Boz had a much longer career in the NFL than Manziel did. But still it’s like Manziel saw this film and created his own Johnny “Money” Manziel persona that was larger than the life and set to take on the NFL.

Despite the weird Johnny Manziel moments I had while watching this doc, I did actually like it. Partly because of the story that is Brian and the Boz and partly because it involved Brian sharing his memories with his son allowing them to bond. I like that Brian brought his son into the storage unit that held his father’s things and they both experienced them the first time. It was truly a great bonding moment that in my opinion made the documentary.

Happy First Sunday of Football!


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