Seahawks Penalized for June 6 OTA Violation

The NFL announced today (9/19) that the Seattle Seahawks had violated NFL-NFLPA excessive contact in all off-season workouts, but the kicker is that the violations happened during a practice on June 6…that’s over three months ago.

Per Around the NFL, the Seahawks have been fined $400,000, have to forfeit the first week of Organized Team Activities (OTAs), and have to give up their fifth-round selection in the 2017 draft. Head Coach Pete Carroll has also been fined $200,000. It should also be noted that this isn’t the first time the Seahawks have been fined for this kind of violation. Previously, the Seahawks were fined $300,00 in 2014 and had to forfeit OTA sessions in 2012.

So it makes sense that the Seahawks were penalized so harshly this time. The NFL is both trying to make a statement to the Seahawks to stop violating the excessive contact rule and warn other teams not to do the same actions.

But what doesn’t make any sense is why this news is breaking today. Why now? Why wait three months to figure out that the Seahawks had violated the rule? It’s week two of the regular season and the NFL and NFLPA is just now figuring out that rules had broken? Especially by a team that has been punished for this previously?

It seems strange coming from a league that didn’t hesitate to come down on Tom Brady and the Patriots swiftly after a mere whiff of allegations came out about them breaking the rules. Curious to see why this investigation took so long, unless the NFL is just trying to be absolutely thorough (we all remember the mess that was Deflategate), but still three months to determine the team violated the rule seems a bit too hard to believe.



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