NFL Week Two: Which Player Injury is Most Devastating?

As the Eagles beat the Bears, week 2of the regular season is in the books and boy was this week a dozy in terms of injuries. So which injury is the most devastating both to the team and the fans?

If you look at ESPN’s report on the biggest injuries of week two the list goes on and on from guys like Jimmy Garoppolo, Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Danny Woodhead, and most recently tonight Jay Cutler.

So out of those and the many more players injured, which team should be the most concerned. No Bears fans, it is not the Bears, Cutler’s injury might either prove to be the kick in the metaphorical butt the team needs to play better or give the next guy up an opportunity to sign. It might also help to prove that maybe Cutler has some talent in the QB position, but we’ll wait and see if he ends up missing some time or not.

No there are two teams that need to worry the most about their holes that come from injuries: The Minnesota Vikings and the San Diego Chargers.

Let’s start with the San Diego Chargers. First tragedy struck the Chargers in Week 1 when WR Keenan Allen went down with an ACL injury. So now to then lose Danny Woodhead to the same injury proves to be a large obstacle for the team to fill. Sure, RB and WR aren’t the same position, these guys were pivotal to the Chargers offense working. So fans and the Chargers themselves better hope that the next guy up not only stays healthy but can fill the void left by these two play makers.

The Minnesota Vikings are also on this list because while Adrian Peterson hasn’t been prime Peterson since his suspension, he still was a key piece to this offense. It doesn’t help that the offense was already suffering by the loss of quarterback Teddy Bridgewater so to see Peterson go down on Sunday night and be helped off the field deflated Vikings fans sails faster than a New England Patriots game ball.

As each of these teams and the rest of the league gears up for week 3 action set to begin on Thursday when the New England Patriots taken on the  Houston Texans, here’s hoping that teams don’t suffer the devastating injury losses of week 2.







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