Dolphins’ Adam Gase Sends Shocking Message to Players: Perform or Ride the Bench

Did you catch the sarcasm in the headline? No, well the headline is pure sarcasm. It shouldn’t come as too much of surprise that a coach, especially at the professional level, would expect that his players actually perform. Which is why that when the NFL posted a story this morning that Miami Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase began benching his players on Sunday when they failed to perform.

It’s a novel concept that professional players would be forced to perform or face riding the bench for a game. But isn’t that exactly what we want from our professional athletes? What’s the point of paying these guys millions of dollars if they aren’t going to perform? It’s the same standard that those in the working world are held to, either perform or lose your job.

I’m not 100% sure that this is newsworthy because it seems to be common sense, especially in a league where there are only 53 guys on each active roster and the pool of perspective talent is deep and constantly turning out stars each collegiate season.

But still it raises the question as to why this is news. Is it really that uncommon that if star players or starters aren’t playing well that the head coach benches them and sends in the next guy up? While to me that seems like common sense (I know common sense is not common anymore) that if a professional athlete isn’t playing up to snuff then they should get benched, I understand that it’s not exactly the way it goes in professional sports.

It seems as if coaches keep putting the star players in, no matter how they’re playing, in hopes that playing will somehow snap them out of their funk and make them play better. It’s not as if coaches don’t have a depth of talent at their fingers tips to call on when times get rough.

So Kudos to Adam Gase for actually holding his players to a performance standard.


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