The 2016 SI Sports Man of the Year Problem

The news broke yesterday that LeBron James was being named Sports Illustrated Sports Man of the Year for the second time and this author has a problem with this selection.

Does the Cavs coming back from a 3-1 deficit really entitle LeBron to being the Sports Person of the year? No. When looking back the year in sports there were a lot of great moments, including James & Co bringing the NBA Championship back to Cleveland, there were a lot better options to choose for this award. The first two people that pop into my mind the deserve this honor are Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky, which Ledecky definitely edging out MP. Sticking with the Olympics route, Simon Biles or any of the women’s gymnastic team members would have made great options. Breanna Stewart from the historic U Conn women’s team would have been a no-brainer as well.

Let’s not even forgot about the Chicago Cubs whose winning of the 2016 World Series ended an 108 year Championship drought. Taking my love for the Cubs out of the equation, if you look at how the Cubs won the World Series it makes for a much better story than the Cavs beating Golden State for the 2016 NBA Championship.

It seems as if SI had decided when LeBron won that he was going to be Sports Person of the Year, which is sad because since the time that the Cavs were hosting their championship parade some pretty historic sports moments had happened and legends had been created. Also if you want to read an article from the editors of SI on why they chose LeBron you can read that here.

So congratulations to LeBron James on being named the 2016 Sports Man of the Year.

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I'm just a girl addicted to sports who happens to have a talent for writing.

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