The Not So Great 30 for 30s

As we bid goodbye to the 2016 and hello to a hopefully much cooler 2017, I thought that instead of doing a typical 30 for 30 Reaction post I would give you the 5 30 for 30s I just couldn’t finish watching. The following list appears in no particular order except for how they appeared my in my mind when I was brainstorming this list.

The Four Falls of Buffalo

Now I will admit that I thought about using this documentary in a future post following the firing of head coach Rex Ryan and the articles from players saying there was no discipline in the locker room. But when I sat down to try and watch this film for the umpteenth time, I just couldn’t do it. I want to like this documentary I really do because the topic is fascinating to me, a team making to the Super Bowl 4 times and losing is great stuff. But I just couldn’t get interested enough because there was a lack of drama besides the losing of 4 Super Bowls.

This Magic Moment

The only reason I wanted to watch this film is because Shaq is involved and I was interested to see how he ended up in LA with Kobe. But there wasn’t enough to grip me. I like it when a documentary has one person that I can get behind and root for, but this film didn’t have that. I just feel as if there is no magic in this documentary for me to justify spending the time to watch it and really digest the information being presented to me.

Playing for the Mob

Having Ray Liotta narrate was a nice touch, seeing as he’s essentially the Hollywood Mobster actor, but besides that this film was lacking. I found myself getting increasing angry with the guys involved because it’s their own fault for getting involved with these guys. I think some of them just got greedy and thought that they could have an easy relationship with the Mob. I may have watched too many Mob Gangster movies for me to really enjoy this film.

Elway to Marino

This film premise from the get-go had me a little skeptical because it seemed a little too ego driven for my taste I think. Sure, the draft is historic because of all the greats taken, but I just felt like I was watching their egos inflate more than I was getting behind the scenes of the draft and inside the draft rooms to really get involved.

Free Spirits

Now this one really caught me by surprise because I love this type of documentary, ones that follow the rise of a sports league and it even had Bob Costas, so it should have been a win for me right? This film lacked that one guy I could get behind or that I could absolutely hate. There was nothing memorable about this film that stuck with me after watching it.

So there you have the 5 30 for 30s I just couldn’t finish, no matter how hard I tried. Thanks for taking part in the 2016 30 for 30 Reaction Series and hopefully you’ll stick out for the new posts in 2017.

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