Will Derrick Rose Ever Get It?

By now you’ve seen the headlines or read the hilarious tweets that made Derrick Rose a trending topic, but in case you don’t know Derrick Rose was a no show for the Knicks’ game against the Pelicans last night. While it’s not too entirely surprising when a player misses a game, what’s strange is that no one in the Knicks’ organization knew Rose’s whereabouts.To make matters worse, the Knicks’ head coach Jeff Hornacek had to face the firing squad knowing absolutely nothing about his star point guard’s whereabouts.

The speculation is that Rose had a family emergency that took him away from the team, but with his recent benching the last two games that seems like a far reach. (Yet not completely unlikely, you never know). But I raise the question that if Rose was in fact having a family emergency, wouldn’t he have mentioned it to at least one of his teammates? According to Joakim Noah after the game, Rose was okay, but yet if Rose could send him that message couldn’t he has sent a message that he was dealing with family stuff?

Hall of Famer Reggie Miller appeared on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday and called Rose out for not letting even the athletic trainer know where he was. Miller said that when he was playing he would’ve called the President of the team and than the athletic trainer. And I agree with Miller, those are the two most important phone calls for players to make when dealing with any situation that would take them away from their team and thus hurt the team (look at the Knicks’ loss to the Pelicans).

As if the whole Derrick Rose gone missing fiasco wasn’t enough bad press for the point guard, Rose spoke to the media today and according to Yahoo Sports and Rose said it was a family situation that reportedly had him so out of his mind he almost completely walked away from the team. But after much thought will be seeking a max deal that could net him $150 million dollars come this off season. To which my reaction is wait what?

How do you go from being so consumed with having to be with his family and thinking about walking away from the game to now seeking a max deal? A deal that won’t even go into effect for another six months? How does that train of thought even begin?

After the last 48 hours with Derrick Rose who knows what is going to happen in the next 48 hours. But rest assured Bulls fans are not in the least surprised at this recent turn of events with Rose and the whole city of Chicago (media included) are happy that New York and their sports reporters are the ones to deal with this mess.





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