In the News: The 6 Most Hated Players in the NFL

This week’s In the News Post is an interesting one. I stumbled upon an article about the 6 Most Hated Players in the NFL on by Jeff Smith and after reading through the list, I have a lot of issues with this list and I hope that you guys have some feelings about this list too. So I’m going to start from 6 and work my way back to the most hated discussing my issue with some of the players on this list.

No 6 on the list is Richie Incognito and he’s on this list because of the alleged bullying 2014 incident when he was on the Miami Dolphins and I say alleged because there hasn’t been a concrete proving of the incidents. It’s essentially Martin’s word against Incognito’s and Incognito has worked hard to repair his image both on the field and off the field.

No 5 is Johnny Manziel and besides the domestic violence investigation and his entitled attitude that stems from his childhood and being treated like royalty at Texas A&M, I don’t see how he’s hated. Sure, his annoying with his money symbols and failure to actually play well in the NFL, but I wouldn’t say he’s hated.

No 4 is Jay Cutler is only on this list because of his don’t care attitude, which is a ridiculous reason to dislike him. Smith writes that Cutler has gotten into with teammates and flipped off the paparazzi per Chi City Sports, but again those are not reasons to hate him. Who hasn’t gotten into a disagreement with a coworker who isn’t pulling their weight? Football is a team sport and requires that each guy on the field do their job so when they aren’t, they deserved to be pulled on the carpet. And Smith even admits that Cutler is on this list because of his don’t care attitude.

No 3 is Tom Brady and this one is my favorite. If Tom Brady is hated it’s purely because he’s played on a team that has dominated the NFL. Yes, there is SpyGate and DeflateGate, but really that’s just the NFL sticking it to a team that blatantly breaks the rules. But still those two incidents aside, what is there to hate about Tom Brady? Do you hate him for his good looks? Or is it because of his wife? If yes to any of those questions, then you need a reality check. Tom Brady is just a good quarterback and has no reason to be on this cockamamie list to begin with.

No 2 is Michael Vick and while there are valid reasons to once hated Vick there are no reasons present day. Vick screwed up and paid the price by going to jail and atoning for his transgressions. He’s the model of what you want of someone who gets caught doing something: he owned up to his mistakes and worked hard to repair his image. So again if this list was written years ago,  I would agree with Vick being on this list but in 2017 there’s no way.

No 1 is Greg Hardy and for once I wholeheartedly with this list. What sets Greg Hardy apart from the likes of Michael Vick is that Hardy hasn’t served time for his domestic violence incident, nor has he shown that he feels remorse for his actions. I wouldn’t dislike him so much if he showed even an iota of remorse for his action and showed signs of changing his ways (i.e. Ray Rice). If he had shown that he might have changed his ways, he might still be playing in the league.

So if I had to rate Smith’s list I would say he got 1 out of 6 right, which isn’t too entirely great. Smith’s reasoning was sound in that he had fully developed thoughts into why each player was hated. But his list is half-done because I can think of at least 3 more NFL players that should be included.

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