As the Bulls Turn…On Each Other

Following their loss against the Atlanta Hawks earlier this week, Chicago Bulls stars Dwayne Wade and Jimmy Butler vented their frustration to the media essentially calling out their teammates for lack of caring about the team’s wins or losses. Rajon Rondo, acquired during the off-season, then took to Instagram to vent his frustrations about Wade and Butler’s comments. Having this play out in the media and on social media will make it hard for the team to come back together and find a way to win. Are Wade and Butler right in their blaming of teammates? Is Rondo right for calling out Wade and Butler? The answer is no to all of the above.

The problem does not lie within the Bulls locker room. The problem lies in the front office in Gar Foreman, the man who decides which players to keep and acquire. The problem has been with him from the beginning, remember the whole saga with Derrick Rose? Remember when he let go of Tom Thibodeau and brought in Fred Hoiberg? But Foreman’s inability to build a quality team doesn’t excuse the recent drama playing out in the Chicago/National media.

Both Wade and Butler are at fault for their comments, which happened while their teammates were literally less than a foot away. Wade lost credibility in criticizing his teammates when he makes comments about looking for a new opportunity during the off-season. It’s ultimately a coward’s move to put your teammates on blast within ear shot when it’s not their fault that the team’s not playing well. Bobby Portis doesn’t get to decide if he plays or sits out, that decision falls on Hoiberg’s shoulders. So if you’re going to throw your frustration at anyone, it should be aimed at Hoiberg and the front office. The teammates being called out are less likely to feel motivated to win if they don’t think that Butler and Wade, obviously the stars of the team, don’t have faith in them. Sure, Rondo, Wade, and Butler had a “meeting” to air their grievances, but is that enough?

It will be interesting to see what happens throughout the rest of the season if the team can come back together and get above .500 and the upcoming off-season, but until then it’s just another episode of as the Bulls Turn.


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