Knicks President Subtweets at Star Player

Remember when the news broke that the New York Knicks at reached out to the Cleveland Cavaliers inquiring about trading Knicks’ star Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love? Remember when reports started surfacing about the fractured relationship between Anthony and the Knicks’ front office (namely President Phil Jackson)? Well it looks as if that relationship has officially reached its breaking point Tuesday.

Phil Jackson tweeted on Tuesday the following: phil-jackson-tweetThis tweet refers to a Bleacher Report article where Kevin Ding writes about the relationship between Jackson and Anthony. His main point being how unhappy Jackson is that he couldn’t change Anthony into the player he wanted him to be. And Jackson’s tweet seems to yet again take another shot at Anthony in hopes that Anthony will waive his no-trade clause before the February 23rd NBA Trade Deadline.

But what Jackson fails to see is that his tweet actually makes him look like the bad guy while painting Anthony as the victim. Jackson looks like a sore loser who isn’t happy that he hasn’t been able to put together a winning team that could take on teams like the Golden State Warriors and Cavaliers (look at the Derrick Rose trade and subsequent Rose going MIA scandal covered a few weeks ago). So it has to irk Jackson, who has eleven championships as a coach with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, that he can’t put together a winning team as the President of the team. It should be mentioned that other articles covering their relationship have hinted that Jackson doesn’t think that Anthony doesn’t have the same fire like greats Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had for winning.

All this recent tweet does is put both Anthony and Jackson in uncomfortable positions. If by some chance Anthony had actually started to thaw on the idea of possibly finding a better fit for his playing style, he’s likely to shut that down because Jackson has little regard for him. And now Jackson has to find a way to make it work with Anthony until the end of the season or find another way to get Anthony off the team (which is next to impossible).

So ultimately, Jackson has shot himself in the foot with his passive aggressive subtweet that will make the days leading up to the trade deadline interesting as this latest NBA Soap Opera players out.


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