Kyrie Irving’s ‘World is Flat’ Comments Just Might Promote Learning

During the obligatory media sessions for the 2017 NBA All Star Game in New Orleans, Cleveland Cavaliers Guard Kyrie Irving told reporters that the world was in fact flat. Which ya know goes against everything anyone has learned in school, but Irving is 100% in his thoughts. He even goes on to say that “it’s right in front of our faces. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us.”

While most people are freaking out because of the kids that look up to Irving and would take this information to school and try to pass it off as fact with their teachers. This freakout is understandable since Irving is a guy that believes in conspiracy theories, which to each their own.

But taking his outrageous comments aside, Irving actually urged those outraged by his claims to look into themselves to determine if they agree with him or think he’s full of it. Which is brilliant, so before parents/teachers/media alike pile on Irving for trying to make kids believe random facts take a second and think about it. Irving doesn’t want people to take his word as law, he wants people to actually go out and find the information for themselves.

You can’t fault a guy for trying to get people to actually take a second and gather information about a topic instead of just taking what the media reports as fact. It’s probably the most genius move the Cavs’ guard could make because he’s using his platform to promote people learning things for themselves and considering the fact that tons of kids look up to him, it’s the best lesson parents could ever ask a star athlete to instill in their kids.

Think about it, Irving obviously has taken the time to read up on the many conspiracies he believes in, he would have to to have an opinion on it. So wouldn’t a parent want their kids to look up to someone who is successful, yet manages to find time to continue learning? Personally, if my future kid were to look up to a professional athlete it would be someone like Irving.

While I don’t personally agree with Irving’s assessment that the world is flat, I can’t fault a guy for sticking to his guns and managing to get people to actually look up information for themselves.


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