Is LaVar Ball Hurting Lonzo Ball’s Draft Stock?

LaVar Ball has been making the headlines lately with comments about his son UCLA Guard Lonzo Ball, for example “Lonzo will only play for the Los Angeles Lakers” or “Lonzo is a better basketball player than Steph Curry”. Ball’s willingness to take any and every interview request has some raising their eyebrows and wondering if he’s actually hurting Lonzo’s draft stock.

It’s understandable to some extent why Ball might think that his son wants to only play for the Lakers because the family is from LA and the Lakers are currently a young team, but the organization is in such disarray (almost as bad as the Knicks) that Ball might want to think about letting Lonzo make the decision as to where he’s going to play his professional career.

Let’s not even get into Ball’s feud with Charles Barkley because honestly Ball is just picking a fight with Barkley because Barkley is actually making sense. Barkley is right when he says that there’s a difference between being proud of your son and just being wrong. It’s impossible to gauge if Lonzo will be better than Steph Curry. Steph Curry has played in the NBA for seven years and has a couple of MVP nods, not to mention the championships he’s won with the Warriors. Lonzo has only played 30ish college games, and college basketball is a different beast than the NBA. So really Ball’s comments that if you put Curry on UCLA and Lonzo on the Warriors to “see what happens” is outrageous.

Just for fun, let’s do a little comparison of the two in just their first seasons. In his last season at Davidson, Curry had 312 field goals and Lonzo in his 32 games with UCLA only has 166 field goals, which you’re probably saying that’s not a large difference. But Curry had three years at Davidson to grow and mature as a player, whereas Lonzo will only play about 40ish games if UCLA goes deep into the NCAA Tournament and will then try to make it in the NBA. So really you can’t say that Lonzo will be better than Curry because Curry stayed in college to get even more playing time under his belt and was able to enter the NBA as a different player than he would’ve had he gone “One and Done”.

While Ball might come off as a proud parent, to the NBA teams he’s coming off as a not only a distraction but an overbearing parent and most team’s will not want Ball around if they draft his son. Who is to say that Ball won’t complain to management if Lonzo isn’t getting enough playing time? Or complain to the media about the team’s treatment of his son? That’s a PR nightmare no team will touch with a 10ft pole.

So really is Ball wants to help his son’s draft stock he might want to 1) not decide which team his son will play for and 2) stop taking interviews and let his kid be a good collegiate player trying to enter the NBA.


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