Has LaVar Ball actually lost his mind?

Everyone knows about the Ball family, especially patriarch of the family LaVar. In case you have been living under a rock and don’t know anything about the Ball Family let’s do a real quick recap:

  • LaVar Ball first made headlines saying his son, UCLA Guard Lonzo, was better than Steph Curry.
  • Ball than continued to make headlines starting a beef with Charles Barkley
  • Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour all pass on shoe deals with Lonzo following Lavar’s request to license Big Baller Brand for a billion dollars

So basically to sum up this whole mess, LaVar Ball thinks that he is Kris Jenner and his kids are the next NBA superstars. So when the big shoe brands decided to pass on the circus that is the Ball family, LaVar decided to use his own brand and create a shoe for Lonzo, the ZO2:


The shoe retails for $495 and LaVar Ball has reportedly said that there will not be any refunds given for those unhappy with the shoes. The price of this shoe begs the question, who does LaVar think will be buying this shoe? It’s too pricey for the target audience for basketball shoes (young players high school to early college) and doesn’t carry the big name like Michael Jordan.To make matters even worse, LaVar tweeted that if you couldn’t afford the shoes than you are not a big baller which given the target audience is basically telling kids that they are worthless if they can’t afford this ridiculous shoes.

Who in their right mind tells their target audience that if they can’t afford to drop a large sum of money on shoes that look like they were once part of the Spalding shoe line than they are not worth anything? All signs are pointing to LaVar actually having lost his damn mind.

Not quite, if anything, LaVar has quite possibly turned the sports marketing world on it’s head for a little bit. Within hours of the news breaking that Lonzo was releasing his shoe under his dad’s brand it became the third trending topic on Twitter. So to an extent LaVar is actually doing something right.

It remains to be seen how the shoes will fair on the market considering that Lonzo hasn’t played a minute in the professional leagues and has yet to even be drafted. And while LaVar’s method lean towards the Kris Jenner way of family management, you can’t fault the guy for using the media circus he’s created to actually sell a product without having the middle man to take out a percentage of the sales….until the next installment of the LaVar Ball media saga.

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