‘Last Chance U’ Hooks with Giant Personalities and Impressive Football

Finally we’re back with a new Hooked Till the Credits and this week’s is a good one. I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of and have probably watched Netflix’s show “Last Chance U” which follows a junior county college in Mississippi that gives athletes one last chance to make it to the NCAA Division 1 level. While I was hooked watching these guys light it up on the field, I was more hooked with what was happening off the field.

You’re probably asking yourself, why are you just now covering this when it’s been out for a long time? Well there isn’t really an answer besides having re-watched the show a few days ago and finally deciding to write about it.

Initially, I started watching the show purely because I like sports and wanted to see what it was about (WAY before the hype started), but I continued to watch because of the impressive history of the school and their football program.  And yes, they would have to be interesting in order to get a series on Netflix. But it’s impressive to see these kids play their hearts out and the coaching staff continue to create winning game plans that highlight the talent of the athletes and help the team win. Granted the season didn’t end the way that the coaches and players would want, but no football team can win all the time. Even the Patriots have to loss sometimes.

But what really kept me hooked each episode was the characters, which I know they’re real people, but reality TV is all about the characters. Last Chance U had an interesting mix of personalities from the football players (Wyatt, Ronald Ollie, etc) trying to make the best of a less than ideal situation and the community college staff trying to help them reach their goals of playing in DI and the NFL. My favorite is Brittney Wagner because she truly treats these athletes like her kids and pushes them to be their best. She’s the type of person parents want looking out for their kids because she can be both their friend and will also hunt them down to make sure they have a pencil for class or do their work. She also stays on them to make sure that they understand that if they don’t do well in class they will not be able to play and therefore will not be able to get out of their small town.

I’m interested to see if Last Chance U can build on the hype from season 1 and capture the attention of fans given that most of their star athletes have moved on to bigger universities. But with Miss Wagner and the coaches returning, it’s hopeful that season 2 will have me hooked till the credits as well.


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