NBA Finals: LeBron’s Struggles, Rihanna v. the Cavs.

Before the ball is tipped for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, here’s some highlights of the headlines that have caught my eye in the last three days.

While scrolling through Sports Illustrated’s home page this morning, I saw a hilarious headline that Steph Curry says the Warriors don’t play Rihanna in the locker room. And I actually stopped mid scroll when I saw it because it seemed like such a weird headline to use, but effective nonetheless since I clicked on it. But just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a quick refresher:

Following the Golden State Warriors Game 1 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, articles began popping up about Rihanna and Kevin Durant. It’s reported that Rihanna was heckling Durant and he stared down the pop star after sinking a basket.  (Is anyone having flashbacks to Reggie Bush and Spike Lee?)

So of course following Durant claiming not to remember the incident when asked during the post game presser, Warriors star Steph Curry was asked if he’s banned Rihanna’s music in the locker room and he admitted that he didn’t think it had been there to begin with. Which shouldn’t be newsworthy, why would the Warriors have Rihanna playing in the locker room? Usually the whole point of playing music in the room before the game is to help the players get pumped for the game and after usually only in a win because they’re feeling loose and Ri Ri’s music doesn’t strike me as the professional athlete kind of music. Plus who knows if Steph Curry even is paying enough attention to the music playing to know if it was Ri Ri’s or not.

The other headline (also seen on SI) regarding the NBA Finals, is that LeBron James needs to adjust in Game 2. And I found this headline both intriguing and infuriating because it’s as if LeBron is the sole reason why the team wins and why the team loses. I must have missed the memo that said that LeBron was the only guy playing on the team and that the rest of the guys are just there for formality. Now, the Cavs won the 2016 Finals because the whole team stepped up and played better than the Warriors. The Cavs has also played well throughout the playoffs because of the whole team, not just LeBron.

So yes, the Cavs need to adjust in order to even the series before heading home to Cleveland, specifically they need to adjust their defense. Because any team would’ve been able to win against their defense in Game 1, which requires all five guys on the court to play well and actually guard against Durant and Curry. While LeBron is the undoubted star of the team, he’s not the only guy who can play basketball and not in the middle of their adjustments as the article would suggest.

As the Cavs and Warriors square off for Game 2, all eyes will be court side to see if Ri Ri will carry on her Warrior heckling and if the Cavs can get their acts together and even up the series.


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