The Difference Between the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the NBA Finals

Besides the running commentary that the blame for the Cavalier’s lackluster performance falls solely on LeBron James, another murmur began firing off on all the sports talk shows…why were the NHL Stanley Cup Finals more exciting than the NBA Finals? And the answer is quite simple.

More sports fans are inclined to watch the NHL Stanley Cup finals because of the Nashville Predators. The Predators barely squeaked into the playoffs in the eighth seed in the Western Conference and swept the first seed Chicago Blackhawks which shocked the hockey world and continued to go on this historic ride that led them to their first Stanley Cup Finals in franchise history. And people love the underdog and want to them to succeed.

Now looking at the NBA Finals, it was almost a forgone conclusion throughout the playoffs that the Golden State Warriors and the Cavs were going back to the finals. Thus the Revenge vs. Repeat commercials started when advertising the start of the finals, but since the same two teams have completed in the finals the last three years and thus it’s not exciting for fans.

So even with the Warriors taking a 2-0 series leading going into tonight’s Game 3, it’s still the repeat of the last two years so it’s going to go one of two ways: either the Cavs repeat or the Warriors avenge their lost last year. While the same could be said about the Pittsburgh Penguins trying to repeat after winning last year, the magical x-factor is the Predators and whether they can win the Stanley Cup for the first time in history and the with the series all tied up at two games apiece, it’s exciting to tune in for every game because there is no history to pull from to figure out who will win and the there is just so much excitement in each and every game.

If I have to pick which series I will only watch, it’s hands down the NHL Playoffs because of the excitement and the Predators chasing history that make it the most intense sixty minutes of play.


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