Hockey in Houston?

While scrolling through Twitter today, I stumbled upon on article on the NHL on NBC about Houston and their odds for getting a National Hockey League team much better now that Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander finally deciding to sell the team. Which the headline alone made me stop and kind of scratch my head because I had no idea what they were talking about, but I clicked on it and the thought intrigues me of having a hockey team in Houston.

Without reading the article, if you stop and think about it hockey in Houston isn’t too far fetched. The Toyota Center is a perfect place for a hockey team because look at how many NHL teams already share a facility with basketball teams (the Kings & Blackhawks for starters). So the city already has the arena for it, which is better than Seattle and Quebec who would have to build the arena first. Plus Houston has a large population, only falling behind New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas with continued growth, so ya know it could work.

But besides the size of Houston and the preexisting space for the arena, there are some pretty big reasons why Houston wouldn’t work as a hockey town. The first and foremost reason being that Houston already has three major teams so the hockey team would have to fight for coverage like the Texans and Rockets already have. Plus Houston doesn’t really seem like a hockey town and I know that Dallas as taken to the Stars, but Texas is mostly a football town so how could the hockey team compete with the Texans?

I’m fairly certain that the NHL is going to add another team because of the addition of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the league now sits at thirty one teams and professional leagues like to have even numbers because it makes scheduling games easier. So the only question that remains is where will the team call home and most hockey enthusiasts into this kind of thing would probably say Seattle because of the history the city has with professional hockey and the leagues desire to enter the pacific northwest market even further and the league already has one team in the state of Texas. So why not just try to capture a new market and help grow the game of hockey even further?

What do you think, would you go to a hockey game in Houston?

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