Why This is the Last LeVar Ball Post

Jay Bilas wrote an article for ESPN this morning that really struck a chord with me by why the media needs to stop covering LeVar Ball. In the article Bilas wrote about how in the beginning Ball was an entertaining personality to cover because of his comments saying he could beat Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley even though his stats would say otherwise and how his son Lonzo Ball was better than MVP Steph Curry. But since those hilarious comments, Ball has just seemed to spiral out of control going from a basketball knock-off of the Kardashians to an expletive throwing delusional misogynist. And the media (this blog included) needs to stop giving LaVar Ball any inches of press.

I will admit that I found Ball’s comments on his son’s talents endearing (albeit annoying) because I’m a sucker for proud parents for a minute. And I found his comments on his own talent hilarious because don’t we all like to boost that we’re better than we are? Plus Ball understood that sports people love it when people throw shade at great athletes because it’s hilarious and everybody loves a little drama.  And I’m all for people trying to start their own brands to crave out a piece of the pie for themselves.

So I’ll admit to clicking on an article that had Ball’s name in the headline merely just to see what nonsense he was throwing out that day.

But Ball crossed the line when he told Fox Sports’ Kristine Leahy to “stay in your lane” merely because she was criticizing his antics. Ball seems to forget that you shouldn’t dish it out unless you can handle it being thrown back in your face. Plus it’s a cop-out to tell anyone to stay in your lane when you don’t like what they are saying.

Things got worse when a video surfaced of Ball giving an expletive filled half-time ‘speech’ to this AAU team. Which come on these are kids that just trying to play a game in order to build their resume for college recruiting later on, so let’s cut them some slack.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Ball actually got a female referee removed from an AAU tournament game simply because he didn’t like the way she was calling the game. It should be mentioned that after the referee was removed by tournament officials, Ball was then ejected from the game and his team had to forfeit said game because Ball refused to leave the crowd.

Ball took his media fodder early on as fuel to really let his true self shine and he’s not the type of person who should be getting any type of recognition. I mean he throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way and denies his team the right to actually play simply because the refs weren’t calling the game his way, especially if they are female and have any authority over him.

LeVar Ball needs to realize that it’s 2017, not  1930, and there is no place for a man to lord any authority over females and teach young males that they can tell females to stay in their lane when they don’t get their way and that it’s okay to throw a tantrum and quit when the game isn’t going your way.

So even though LaVar Ball equals instant mega clicks on articles and engagement on social media, the media needs to stop promoting childish antics and misogynist antics. I

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