JJ Watt Not Just a Beast on the Field, but a Beast in Raising Money for Harvey Relief

When Hurricane Harvey was approaching the shores of Texas, no one really knew just how bad it was going to get. That’s why people have been scrambling to get people out of their flooded houses and find places for victims of the hurricane to stay. The images of the hardest hit areas like Houston are heartbreaking and people looking to help have been donating to multiple causes.

Enter JJ Watt, Defensive End for the Houston Texans. Originally Watt set up a youcaring.com page to help support the victims. Originally Watt was only looking for $500,000 but donations rushed in and completely blew through the $500,000 goal. So Watt raised it to a million and that was subsequently smashed and in less than 48 hours Watt has raised over $4 million dollars, including a donation from Tennessee Titans owner Amy Adams Struck (a Texans division rival). His page has so much traffic that it managed to slow down the site enough to cause some delays while trying to donate.

So why has Watt been able to raise so much in so little time? It is this author’s opinion that Watt has been so successful because of two reasons: 1. Watt has promised that all money raised will go directly to the victims of Hurricane Harvey and 2. Because Watt is a seen as a good ole boy from Wisconsin always giving back now that he’s reached the pinnacle of success. And it’s clear to see that Watt has a special place in his heart for the city of Houston and he’s aware that he was a unique opportunity to reach millions of people across his social channels so why not put that celebrity to good use?

It’s unsure as to just how much money Watt will be able to raise in the coming days, but here’s hoping that the sky will literally be the limit and Watt will be able to help a lot of Hurricane Harvey victims.

At the time of writing this story at 11:33 pm Tuesday August 28th, 2017 Watt has raised 4,929,059 by 48,566 donors.

If you are looking to donate, here is a handy article on how to figure out the best place to donate by the charity navigator. And if you just want to donate to JJ Watt’s fundraising efforts, you can click the this link to head over to his youcaring.com page to donate.

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