Is Ezekiel Elliott Ready to be NFL’s Next Deflategateesque Saga?

When the news broke that the National Football League was suspending Ezekiel Elliott for six games because of allegations of assault of a former girlfriend, pundits everywhere seem to agree that Elliott would not serve any of his suspension during the 2017-18 season. And finally U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant granted Elliott and the NFLPA a restraining order and a preliminary injunction, ensuring that Elliott will at least play the entire season without worrying about missing a game. But is Elliott ready for the attention that will follow him all season? Is he ready to live his life under the microscope?

After doing some extensive reading on this whole saga, it feels like the NFL was suspending Elliott not because of the alleged assault but because what they saw of his behavior was worrisome to them and they wanted to see if they could sort of correct his behavior before it became a problem. So that being said, I’m not 100% sure the Elliott is ready to be on his best behavior this season. And I say that because if there’s even a hint of trouble from him the tone of the narrative is going to change and he’s going to become the villain instead of the victim.

Case in point, while Elliott was under investigation for the assault earlier this year a video surfaced of him pulling down a woman’s shirt and inappropriately touching her. Elliott would then go on to try and defend his behavior and if Elliott couldn’t behave while under investigation, what makes you think that he’ll behave during a T.O.R? Elliott is at a whole new level and the league is waiting for him to slip up even a little bit to have the injunction thrown out and have Elliott serve his suspension.

As an optimistic person, I’m hopeful that this whole thing serves as a wakeup call for Elliott that while he may be talented and playing for ‘America’s Favorite Team’ that his talent will never overshadow his behavior. His talent doesn’t excuse his behavior and it will be in the best interest of those around him to help him get his act together before it’s too late and he’s out of a job and his talents are wasted.



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