Excluding Bad Officiating, the Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks Game was Terrible

The Green Bay Packers v. Seattle Seahawks game was probably the game that fans were looking forward to the most because of the history between the two teams. This excitement is why Fox Sports put the game into their 3 pm CT game slot, but from the start the game wasn’t holding up to the fan hype and I’m not even remotely talking about the really bad officiating that happened throughout the game.

You can’t always blame the bad officiating. Bad calls happen a lot during football games and at times they can affect the outcome of the game. But that’s not why the game was not the best product of the National Football League. I do not think that if the Seahawks hadn’t been called for the block in the back against Aaron Rodgers and Jeremy Lane hadn’t been ejected at the outcome would’ve been any different.

No the real reason why the game was bad was because of the fact that it was scoreless for the entire first half. Usually, I can get behind a scoreless first half if the defenses are creating epic plays that rob the quarterback of a great throw or stopped a running back just shy of the end zone on the third down. But none of that happened, the first thirty minutes of the game passed with little fanfare and quickly made me lose interest.

Sure the Packers showed up in the second half with Aaron Rodgers pulling off a truly spectacular display of outsmarting the defense, but by this point the game was merely on for background noise while I was flipping through to see what else was on TV.

Hopefully both teams will carefully watch the game film and drastically change their approaches going into week two as the Packers are heading into Atlanta to potentially ruin the opening of the new stadium and the Seahawks are hosting the 49ers in their home opener.

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