The Saints’ Adrian Peterson Problem

Those watching the Minnesota Vikings v. New Orleans Saints game on Monday night saw a moment where Running Back Adrian Peterson was yelling at Head Coach Sean Payton. Of course, National Football League media and fans alike began speculating as to what Peterson was saying during that heated moment and it’s safe to say it wasn’t a pleasant conversation. And it raises the question as to what the Saints should do about their Adrian Peterson problem.

Now you have to remember, Peterson is coming from the Vikings where he was the guy. He was the one that always got the touches during the game because he’s quick on his feet and can make the big plays. But that’s now how it is on the Saints where they have guys that can make the plays. Plus with Quarterback Drew Brees leading the charge, he’s able to find the right guy to make the play instead of relying solely on Peterson because of his previous stats.

So what should the Saints do: Should they cut Peterson, allowing him to go play on a team that will give him all the touches he believes he deserves? Or should they sit him until he remembers he’s part of a team?

While I think that they should just cut him because there is no room for selfish players in the locker room, it’s more likely that the Saints are going to just keep focusing on winning and hope that the problem takes care of itself. Also that means probably having Brees sit down with Peterson and remind him about setting a good example for the rookies and being a part of the team. Plus reminding him that he’s not playing for the Vikings anymore so it’s not just the Adrian Peterson show.

It will be interesting to see what happens during today’s game where the Saints are facing off against a post opening week loss Patriots (which means a very angry Tom Brady). Maybe Peterson’s little outburst will equal more touches, but hopefully the Saints make an example out of him and don’t play him as much until he learns it’s team before individual success.

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