What Makes a Quarterback Elite?

What makes those guys the elite in the league? Besides the Super Bowl wins, what other measures are necessary to be deemed the best? Is it QB rating? Is is the ratio between touchdowns and interceptions? Or is it simply decided based on whichever guy or guys an NFL analyst decides is the best QB.

When thinking about the top quarterbacks in the National Football League there are several to come to mind: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, etc. And I’m not saying that these guys are not great in their own right, but I’m here today to make the argument for Matt Ryan’s induction into the elite quarterbacks club.

Since 2014 Matt Ryan has ranked in the Top 10 in ESPN’s Total Quarterback Ratings that uses several different factors to determine which QB is the best. Ryan has managed to make his way up the rankings from 7th overall in 2014 to as high as 1st overall last year (when he was voted MVP of the league).

Ryan was voted league MVP in 2016 following a disappointing loss in the Super Bowl, which shows that those voting where impressed with his performance over the regular season and post season. And he’s shown flashes of that same high performance over the first two games of the season including last night’s impressive win over the Green Bay Packers where he had a 69% completion and finished the game with 252 yards.

If you look at Ryan’s stats throughout his career he’s had over a 60% completion racking up over 38,000 passion yards and only had 114 interceptions. Which yes, compared to say Tom Brady the gold standard of Quarterbacks are not that impressive. But there is only one Tom Brady and Matt Ryan’s performance the last year and thus far this season proves that he’s deserving of the elite QB club.


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