NBA Player Salaries: Do You Really Care How Much They Make?

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday when I stumbled upon an article posted by ESPN, the worldwide leader of sports, about how much National Basketball Players actually make and I will admit that I thought the article would be really interesting and in some sense it was.  Who thought that mainstream America actually wanted to know just how much Steph Curry and LeBron James pay in federal and state taxes?

It should be noted and understood here that the information presented in the article is merely what they estimate the players to be walking away with. And let’s just remember that they are only focusing on the top players in the league that are taking home sums into the $15 millions and above. I think the better article is how general managers figure out how much to pay these athletes. I would love to see the thought process that goes into giving guys like Steph Curry and LeBron James these monster contracts.

But continuing with the actual article, I think that the better avenue for this kind of story is to see how much the lower paid athletes are taking home. I already know that Curry and James are taking home large sums of money, but what about the guys like Frank Kaminsky or Sam Dekker?

And I will admit that article as a whole is interesting because it breaks down the different parts of their deductions like the Jock Taxes that players who live in no-income tax states have to pay for playing in other states. And it’s interesting to see how guys like Kyle Lowry’s salary shakes out after essentially paying taxes in two different countries.

I could’ve done without the large graphics in the articles. I think that explanations of the deductions, as we’ll call them, followed by a simple list of what the top NBA players are taking home would’ve gotten the point across no problem. But what else do you expect from a slow day in Bristol CT?

You can check out the full article here and I would love to know what you thought about the article.


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